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Special Offerings

"Lingastakam Punyam ya Pathecchivasanndhu
Sivaloka Mavapnoti Sivena Sahamodithe"


  • Saivagama Pooja (Padi Pooja) - Fulfils all the wishes of the offeree and finally have "Sadasivadarsanam". (conducted in the evening after Deeparadhana).
  • Udayasthamana Pooja - It is found to be very effective to please Keezhthali Sree Mahadevan for alround well-being of the offeree.
  • Ayushya Homam - Very effective for recovery of children from chronic diseases (Pooja conducted in the morning).
  • Mrithasanjeevani Pooja - Very effective for recovery from chronic stage of illness and for well-being of the offeree (Pooja conducted in the morning).
  • Alankara Pooja - Very effective to remove obstacles in getting alliance/ marriage.
  • Vilwapathra Pushpanjali - This is done to know the present position and the reasons for the difficulties/hurdles/obstacles being faced by the offeree (Doing the "Pariharam - Remedy" as per the wishes of the God helps to overcome the hurdles).
  • Umamaeswara Pooja - It is found effective to do this offering for nine months together on "Star/Nakshathram" of the offeree to get good alliance for the unmarried persons or till the marriage is over.
  • Mahamrityunaja Homam - This is found to be effective for people who suffer from illnesses and for those who face tough times in life.
  • Sudarsana Homam - Effective for the over all well-being of the offeree.
  • Ashtadravya Mahaganapathi Homam - This offering is found to be very effective to remove the obstacles in one?s life and for the fulfilment of his wishes
  • Rahu Pooja - Effective to get rid of from "Sarppadhosham".

Note: The Saivagama Pooja (Padipooja), Udayasthamana Pooja, Ayushya Homam, Mrithasanjeevani Pooja and Alankara Pooja are performed directly by the Tample Thanthrikal in person and therefore, for the rates of these offerings and the convenient date, and to book in advance, the offeree may contact office Phone 04884 - 279868 Mob. 9048373474.

BHAGAVATHI (on every muppettu Tuesday - first Tuesday of Malayalam Month).

  • Chandanam Charthu.
  • Unniyappam

NARASIMHAMOORTHY (on every muppettu Thursday - first Thursday of Malayalam month).

  • Chandanam Charthu.
  • Panakam

GANAPATHI (on every muppettu Friday - first Friday of Malayalam month).

  • Ottayappam
  • Narangamala
  • Chandanam Charthu


  • Chandanam Charthu (on every muppettu Saturday - first day of Malayalam month)
  • Neeranjanam (daily)
  • Ellu thiri (daily)

KAVU (NAGAM) (on every AYILYAM days)

  • Ayilya Pooja (two tender coconuts and Arecanut Flowers (kavungin pookkula) to be brought by the offeree.)
  • Palum Noorum

Note: The Saivagama Note: Rates of all the above offerings are available in the Daily Offering page (except the ones mentioned above).

The amount of offering / pooja can be paid by the devotees directly to the account of the Keezhthali Sree Mahadeva Kshethra Devaswom Trust with State Bank of India, Varavoor Branch.