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"Lingastakam Punyam ya Pathecchivasanndhu
Sivaloka Mavapnoti Sivena Sahamodithe"

The original Keezhthali Sree Mahadeva Temple was situated at a plot measuring 1.36 acres. However, majority of above land was alienated as time passed by and there was only about 16 cents of land comprising of a small hillock (remnants of the old sreekovil and Sivalingam) left. Hence, the next priority for the Trust was to procure land required for the reconstruction of Upadevatha Temples, Chuttambalam and other facilities in the temple. Accordingly, in the year 2007, the Trust was able to purchase about 36 cents of land around the Sreekovil/Hillock from the person under whose possession the said land was, by paying a hefty amount. Thereafter, Annadhana Hall and a Quarters for stay of temple staff were constructed at the backside of the Sreekovil.

Thereafter, a detailed plan for the second stage of renovation of the Temple to construct Upadevatha Temples, Chuttambalam, Thidappally, steps to reach the Sreekovil situated at 24 feet height etc. was prepared and construction was started in February, 2012, the foundation stone for which was laid by Jagadguru Sree Sree Jayendra Saraswati Swamigal of Kanchi Kamakoti Peedom on 14.11.2011. The work of Upadevatha temples and Chuttambalam were completed and Punaprathishta of Upadevathas viz. Bhagavathi (Parvathi), Narasimhamoorthy, Sasthavu Ayyappan) and Ganapathi were performed in May, 2014. The balance work of construction of Steps (32 Nos.) to reach the Temple situated at 24 ft. height and Kavu for Nagarajavu and Nagayakshi were completed and the Temple ?Samarppanam? was done on 09.05.2016 alongwith the Prathishtadina Mahatsavam of the year 2016. Siva Sookthams (36 Nos.) and the Paryayams of Parvathi are inscribed in the middle of the steps leading to the temple (including on 4 steps of the Sreekovil of Keezhthali Sree Mahadevan) and now, Saivagama Padipooja is being conducted in the Temple as per the offering of the devotees. The person who offers padipooja in the Temple is supposed to attain ?Sadasivadarsanam?, the ultimate truth. Today, Keezhthali Sree Mahadeva Temple is the only temple to conduct Saivagama Padipooja. Learned scholars and Vedic Pandits have opined that having Darsan at Keezhthali Sree Mahadevan is equal to having darsan of Kailasanathan at Kailasam.

The amount of offering / pooja can be paid by the devotees directly to the account of the Keezhthali Sree Mahadeva Kshethra Devaswom Trust with State Bank of India, Varavoor Branch.